About Us - How We Got Started

In 2014 I purchased a website, sexeness.com in hopes of learning the wordpress and webmaster ropes. 


It took me weeks to get hosting setup (lesson: don’t use hostgator)


then it took weeks to connect the other dots just to launch my first site ..


Cost me hundreds of dollars to figure it all out and learn which providers/solutions were the best.


AAAAAnd It was hit by hackers within minutes of launching.


Not a good feeling..


So I did what anyone else would do and went to google for help.


The endless blogs on building a wordpress site just didn’t offer an end-to-end solution for building a site, only bits and pieces that were like building a puzzle rather than smooth sailing..


During my journey of tearing the site apart and rebuilding I learned the hard way on everything from proper hosting, securing a site and building a solid foundation for a scalable website. 


Fast forward 6+ years and now I’ve built tons of sites and learned all/most of the hard lessons in getting a good foundation built for your web business. 


During my journey I’ve captured all the lessons learned, which platforms and solutions are the best and how to get started quickly without breaking the bank and without getting stuck for days/weeks at a time on each step. 


Saves a TON of time. Now, building a foundation is something that takes minutes rather than months.


Now I understand the essentials in setting up a site starting from nothing.


From finding and purchasing a domain, setting up hosting and connecting your domain to the hosting server all the steps are captured in the first course of the learn soulful design program. 


After completing the first course students can setup a first website in minutes rather than weeks or months.


Once a website is online it is essential to take steps to secure it from hackers.


In the program I included TWO additional courses on how to secure your site and automate repetitive tasks like updating your site and backing it up to the cloud of your choice.


These are essential actionable, step by step lessons that can be performed with ZERO coding experience.


After building so many sites eventually you develop relationships with the solutions you use. 


Now I’ve managed to get agency discounts on all of the tried and tested solutions. Making it easy to include the plugins in the course for active students at no additional cost.


Everything from the best page builder (Elementor) to hosting and plugins, we either have a discount or a bulk agency agreement allowing us to pass the discounts on to our students at no additional cost.


Every active student gets lifetime access to the best wordpress page builder [Elementor] ($50/year value) and bonus toolset [Essential Add-Ons For Elementor] ($40/Year value)


You also get the [Login Page Hiding Plugin] ($75/year value) which helps us hide your login page among other nifty things like social login and others.


Another awesome bonus is access to our [testimonial platform] ($180/year value), also included. Allowing us to pull in all of your current and future reviews from google, facebook and other platforms and make it easy for customers to leave reviews for your company or website.


As a student there are also direct downloads to free services like Cyberduck for Secure File Transfer, Free Domain Name Services (DNS), Free SSL Certs with Lets-Encrypt and included SSL tools as well.


With all of these tools and following along in the course you can build and secure your own site FAST with no experience and no additional initial cost other than the cost of your domain name. If you decide to keep your site the only cost you’ll have to pay is hosting and that will be less than $10 a month for most students. 


MUCH better than what most folks have to go through when starting out or building a new site.


As always I’m happy to build a site for you using these steps and designing your pages and content. That service starts at $3,000 to build and $200/year to maintain. 


If you would rather purchase the program and handle it all yourself you can get early bird access to the program now for $500 and $99/year for continued access to the course AND all the extra bonuses. My only ask is that you give me feedback so I can make the course better every month!