Today I have really exciting news! I have a brand new video program up with THREE classes up right now.

This is probably one of the most exciting projects I’ve undertaken since I decided to make websites for my own clients.

layla ear
 layla ear

I set up my first website almost seven years ago. I purchased one that was already set up and deconstructed it to understand how it works. Shortly after we had our first client that needed help getting their web business online. Years later and after several clients we still follow the same initial steps to get the site started and secured and there is no shortage of folks needing to start a site.

Doing it yourself on Wix or Squarespace is useful for many people but once you get serious about your business or website it eventually comes time to build something more aligned with your focus and often it comes out to be less money than the monthly fee others charge and you don’t have to be an expert webmaster or developer!

I designed the learn soulful design program both for novices who want to learn new skills, and for experienced techies who are seeking to master a new and impressive set of webmaster skills. 

The program is divided into three courses with modules and short videos that will show you how to pick and purchase a new domain, set up web hosting for your website and connect the two to make your website visible from your own domain in the first course. 

The other two courses give you actionable ways to secure your new site. I’ll also show you the potential pitfalls to avoid and I’m constantly adding to the program based on student feedback. The outline for securing you site can be found here

You can watch the videos on your own time, start practicing, share with others, and ask me questions if you encounter difficulties along the way.

I’m confident that this program will give you the steps to making the perfect website and securing it. If you’ve never thought of making a website, take a look: you’ll discover a new project to hone your skills.

My class is brand new and I want the maximum number of people to see it. To help me get some visibility, I’m offering new students a limited time offer for the entire program. Click here to pre-enroll and get your spot saved right away! Your pre-enrollment will take one click, it is totally free, and it will help my class gain some traction. Thanks so much for your support!

As an added thank you, the first 25 people to pre-enroll will get early bird access to all of the video content and the exclusive access to all of the plugins and elementor page builder pro. That is over $150/year in plugins for life.

Once you are admited to the program you’ll be free to browse and watch all three courses  (including my domain and web hosting basics class!). 

Are you ready to make a website? I can’t wait to hear your feedback and see what you’ll create after completing the program.

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